Surprise Birthday Party For Bro. Jothi – Our A1 Brother

20th February 2011 seemed like any another Sunday, until the end of the worship service, when Pastor Ashok announced, or rather, instructed  the congregation to proceed to the Multi-Purpose Hall immediately.

My first thought, Wow! What’s Pastor up to?  Never had he ever given us such an order before.  The first obedient guy to reach the MPH was our Bro. Jothi  (the name we all fondly and lovingly call him. Even his car has these initials i.e. BJR = Bro. Jothi  Rajah)

The surprise event turned out to be a birthday party for our Bro. Jothi  Rajah, who turned 60 this faithful Sunday.  The early birds who arrived on the heels of Bro. Jothi Rajah, swore they saw  Bro. Jothi Rajah blushing!!  Ha! Ha! Ha!

In our Wesley Klang  way, we congratulated our Bro. Jothi  Rajah with a loud round of applause. Then led by Pastor  Ashok and Lay Leader Jit Ling, Bro. Jothi Rajah  was blessed, followed by Grace for  the sumptuous  food of  great  tosai and roti jala.

Aha! Someone remembered; this day is also Pastor Ashok & Jane’s 18th Wedding Anniversary.  More blessings and wishes said for them, too!

Jothi's  Surprise Birthday Party

Jothi with family

Bro. Jothi  Rajah  was pleasantly surprised by this milestone event of his life, so well and secretly planned by his dearest family, Brother Phillip Singham, Dr. Kiru and their spouses, together with Pelita and company.

I dare say this of our Bro. Jothi Rajah, he is a very helpful and unassuming brother in Christ of  Wesley Methodist Church, Klang.  I’ve known Bro. Jothi Rajah since the sixties in our Alma Mater ACS Klang.

He is a reputed and widely sought after Automobile Engineer. Yes! So well known is he that Royalty and Generals are amongst his clients.

To you my Bro. Jothi Rajah, I salute you this day 20th February 2011 in wishing you  A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many, many more ahead of you. Also I bid you welcome to the SIXTIES CLUB.


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  1. admin says:

    You are a fine example of a Christian brother with an abundance of the fruit of the Spirit!!! God Bless You Brother Jothi!

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