Read Through The Bible 2012 – Sharing and Photos


Sharing 1  (Zoe Cheah) : Good morning Uncles and Aunties. My name is Zoe. My dad brought me to the Bible reading session on the second night. I read Ezra chapter 6 and 7.  I wanted to read more but there was a long queue that night, and it would be too late already as I have to go to school the next day!

I felt happy after reading it and I also learned something from it.  I learned that in the olden days, people would read the Bibles aloud and in public as a declaration of God’s Word. They either read it in the synagogues or in churches.

When we declare God’s Word, we are actually exercising our faith, because faith comes from hearing, and hearing the Word of God.  Next year, I hope our church will do the same thing, and I want to read God’s Word aloud again.  Oh, and as a reward for reading the Word, my dad brought us to eat roti telur!!

Thank You!! God Bless!!!

Sharing 2  (Patricia Chiang): Hello brothers and sisters. I thought the Read Through The Bible event would be good for me so I signed up. I want to read the Bible and to know God better.

I came at midnight and I felt comfortable. The hall was quiet with just a few people so I had more chance to read the Bible. As I was reading through the Bible and focused on the Word of God, I could feel the closeness of God and understand more clearly what God was telling me. I had the chance to read the Bible seven time on the first night and I was so happy and it was really good that I had the opportunity to get myself involved in the Read Through The Bible event.

I encourage everyone of you to sign up for the next round of Read Through The Bible. Let God touch you and you will be blessed.

Thanks be to God for his goodness. Thanks also to Pastro Ashok for his encouragement and to my son Danny for sending me to church at midnight to Read Through The Bible.

God Bless You…

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