XEE Training Testimony – Bryan Ang

How have you grown as a result of XEE?

Firstly, XEE has causes me to reach out and share the gospel to people more boldly and confidently as compared to last time. It has also taught me how to. share or evangelize the gospel in a non- threatening ways to the unbeliever by using a series of guidelines. Secondly, even as I am sharing XEE with people, it actually renews my faith and drawing me closer to God through my sharing. Moreover, it also helps me fulfilled the Great Commission commanded by Jesus Himself which is to make disciples of all nations. Thirdly, I find XEE very efficient because it talks about how we have sinned against God and also how imperfect our lives is without God, which I found most gospel sharing is lacking nowadays.

What impact it has made on your life?

Personally, it has made me realize I need to reach out to the pre believer even more. As a Christians, I .often scared to share my faith with my friends due to the fear rejection and also sharing it wrongly. However, learning XEE has broadened my understanding of who God is and therefore it helps me overcome my fear. XEE not only helps me in sharing the gospel, but it also helps me realize the importance of building friendship or relationship with people especially those whom I have been acquaintance with. I believe through building friendship, my testimonies can be an impact.

Furthermore, XEE also requires me to find a prayer partner to pray together in which I find it helpful cause it has make me realize how important prayer is throughout doing my connecting activities with people and trying to open up their hearts for God.

How might you help others to benefit?

By telling them the importance of sharing their faith in wherever they are such as colleges or workplace. Moreover, sharing with them what I have learned from my experiences in joining XEE and how it has been impactful towards me.

Who will you invite to join XEE and lead in the next cycle of training?

most probably invite my church members, cell members or Christian’s friends; especially those who do not know how to evangelize yet to join XEE as I believe it will help them. I will also most probably be leading in the next cycle of training if I had the time as I feel I should train others to further improve myself in the sharing of XEE.

Bryan Ang

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If you’d like to participate in or know more about the XEE training program, please call our Church Office @ 03-3381 2116 or email pelita@klangwesley.com

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