XEE Traning Testimony – Lim Jit Ling

I am glad I participated and successfully completed the XEE course. I learned EE several years ago, and was very impressed of its non-threatening approach to sharing the gospel. Now that XEE is available, I signed up to learn this ‘updated’ version of the EE to reach out to the younger X-generation.

I found the presentation structure very systematic, easy to remember and language used contemporary and acceptable by secular people. The flexibility allowed in adapting the story or example to suit the individual prospect is a big advantage as I can express myself more naturally depending on the situation and prospect. I found the XEE to have lesser items to memorize, and the subject flow and links from one section to another is memory-friendly. In other words, comparing with the EE, this is an easier evangelistic tool to learn.

I’m very encouraged and have more confidence of sharing the gospel with people of all ages with the XEE approach, and I look forward to applying it when sharing the good news with anyone in the future.

Lim Jit Ling

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If you’d like to participate in or know more about the XEE training program, please call our Church Office @ 03-3381 2116 or email pelita@klangwesley.com

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