XEE Traning Testimony – Pelita Chuah

In XEE we are trained to connect with people and ask relevant questions and equipped to share whole gospel systematically.

When I did connecting activities, I discovered that there were so many pre-believers at our church door step, yet we have not shared the gospel with them and some heard the Gospel for the first time after so many years coming to Church for activities. I am glad through XEE, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with them.

We have very good & experienced trainers and they are very funny too. They made us laugh a lot.

The 10 Sunday afternoons was well-spent!

Pelita Chuah

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If you’d like to participate in or know more about the XEE training program, please call our Church Office @ 03-3381 2116 or email pelita@klangwesley.com

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