XEE Training Testimony – Paul Lee Chong Un

How you have grown as a result of XEE?

XEE has continuously strengthening my faith in Jesus Christ and deepening my understanding in the gospel. Besides that, I have grown more spiritually mature since a person needs to really understand the grace of God that has given us life to the full eternally before sharing the gospel to another person.

What impact it has made on your life?

I become more confident to share the gospel to people that I know and also to people that I don’t know. How you might help others to benefit?

By encouraging and inviting them to join Xee in the future. Besides that, 1 would want to join the future Xee as a trainer to help others to also learn the best method to evangelize.

Who you will invite to join XEE and lead in the next cycle of training?

I will invite my church friends and also my friends in the Kiang College CG to join next semester XEE.

Paul Lee Chong Un

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If you’d like to participate in or know more about the XEE training program, please call our Church Office @ 03-3381 2116 or email pelita@klangwesley.com

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